2016 “Sportsman” DIVISION


The “NEW” Division is designed to allow the competition of many different variations of stock cars which are/were raced at most local short tracks in Michigan/Wisconsin and surrounding areas. The most common classes of cars are typically known as Sportsman, Street/Super/ Factory/Hobby/Pure Stock, and Slammers. This division is designed for all types of race cars/trucks to be equally competitive and budget friendly.

Even though there is a very wide range of cars allowed in the “NEW” Division, the basic concept allows everyone to be competitive because of the race format. The format allows for an unlimited number of cars to race, since additional features can be added to brackets as more cars join. The concept allows everyone to be able to compete in a feature along with other drivers and cars of similar speed.


1. All competing cars may have qualifying, heat, and feature race. Cars will line up by the position in which they qualify.  Fastest cars will line up to the rear of the field.

2. All competing cars must abide by the 18.000 second time rule. Any cars to break out of the 18.000 second time slot will be sent to the rear the the lead lap cars under green via raceceiver.  Second breakout will result in a stop in scoring and be scored at the rear of the field accordingly. All cars who break out and need to fall to the rear of the field must pull to the bottom and to fall to the rear of the field.

3.Breakouts will not be disputed or appealed.

4. Due to the fact our timing equipment is old and sometimes has issues cars that may not be timed for a lap or two maybe Given a courtesy lap or laps at the discretion of the board. If the transponder does not work at all through the duration of the race the car will be scored last.

5. All sportsman cars will qualify one lap. They will take the green as they pass the flag stand. There's will not be a warm up lap.

6. The fastest qualifier will be the car closest to 18.00. 18.000 can be fast time.

7. Cars will be inverted fast in the rear slowest in the front.

8. Cars that break out during qualifying will run at the rear of the field behind the fast qualifiers.

9. Cars that do not qualify will be in the very back. Qualifying points will be distributed conventionally. Cars that break out during qualifying will receive points and be lined up by margin of break out. Example: car (A) turns 17.5 and car (B) turns 17.0. Car (B) lines up behind car (A) and so forth. Car (A) will also receive more points.

10. Anybody caught with any kind of a modification to deceive that timing system or transponder this includes GPS will be disqualified and lose all points for the night and previously earned to that point in the season.

11. Drivers must take 1 cool down lap.

12. Winner will take victory lap!


The most important rule is this: Any car that is deemed too radical and too much outside of the rules of typical stock car classes (by components or speed) that can be found competing at various other area tracks will not be allowed. With that said, the rules for this series are fairly open, but will be controlled by Norway Speedway/DCRA officials if necessary. Interpretation of these rules is for the track officials and Final decision is in the hands of the DCRA Board. If you are unsure, ask permission!


1. Factory stock, full size/mid-size front or rear wheel drive car, small truck, mini-van, or wagon. No FAB 4/COMPACT type cars, no full size pick-ups. Late Model type or anything not mentioned is subject to board approval.
1. The most important rule here is that bodies MUST REMAIN AS STOCK APPEARING AS POSSIBLE. This means that cars must have all body panels (hood, roof, deck lid, fenders, doors, quarter panels, nose, and tail) that would be seen on any street legal production car/truck. Any cars that do not look like a stock car/truck will not be legal.
2. Bodies may be factory stock production, fabricated stock appearing, or template style. Again the key point is to keep it stock appearing. Neat appearing cars a must!


1. Must have working brakes at all four wheels.
1. Mufflers are mandatory
2. Exhaust must exit behind driver and may not pass through the driver’s compartment and exit under the car! NO OUT OF DOOR EXHAUST!
3. All cars must be able to pass the 95 decibel test.
1. Four post roll cage of quality construction/welding is required. Cage must be constructed of round tubing and may not be black pipe material. Must be welded, not bolted together, with gusseted corners.  The roll cage is subject to tech inspector’s approval.
2. Center section of cage must have at least 4 door bars on left side and at least 2 on right side.
3. Left side of cage must have 1/8 inch minimum steel plate welded on. Plate must extend front upright to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail.
4. All bars within reach of any part of the driver’s body must be padded with approved roll bar padding.
5. Aluminum racing seat is highly recommended but not required.
6. SEAT BELTS: Tech official approval required on mounting of belts and seats. Lap belt and shoulder harness must be a min. of 3” wide. Crotch strap required. Dates of seat belts will be no more than 5 years old.

7. WINDOW NET: Mandatory on drivers side and must fill at least ¾ of drivers window area. Must have quick release mechanism painted safety orange and work properly. Window nets must be in good condition and not have any tears or loose threads.
8. A racing fuel cell is not mandatory but recommended, stock gas tanks are not allowed unless factory installed in front of rear axle. If the bottom of the fuel cell is located below the bottom of the frame rails, it must be protected with a steel hoop properly welded to the frame behind the cell. Marine style tanks are allowed, but must be properly secured,  FUEL: Gasoline only=no Alky based fuels. No fuel line may be run through driver’s compartment. No Nitrous Oxide. No cool cans.
9. Front and rear firewalls must be completely sealed from the driver's compartment.
10. Battery may be relocated behind drivers securely mounted.
11. KILL SWITCH: Kill switch is MANDATORY, centrally located and painted safety orange. Master Kill must be easily accessible and visible from outside of car so that safety crew can reach it. Must also be painted safety orange.
12. DRIVER APPAREL: A Snell 2000 SA RATED (no M rated) or better approved helmet is MANDATORY Complete fire suit, fire proof gloves, and eye protection (visor or goggles, ect.) are Mandatory. Nomex shoes or leather work boots allowed. NO GYM SHOE’S.
13. FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Extinguishers of dry powder or Halon of at least 2lbs, full and in operating order must be mounted in car within reach of driver and be of quick release type only. (Except for cars with on board fire systems).

14. FAN SHROUD: Mandatory with fan.
1. Recommended Double centered racing wheels or ¼’ mounting flanged racing wheel on right front wheel. No Aluminum wheels!
2. One inch lug nuts required, Studs must have at least 3 threads past nuts.

3. 8 inch wide maximum width tire.  Tires may not stick out more than two inches from the body panels. 

TRANSPONDER & Raceceiver
1. Transponder is required.

2. The transponder must be mounted on the left frame rail no further forward than 23 inches forward of the rear axle tube in the hanging position, and no higher than 24 inches from the racing surface.

3. Raceceiver or scanner is mandatory.


1.  No in car radios allowed.

2. Raceceivers MANDATORY

3. SIGN IN at Scale Shack Before 6:30.

4. No Late Model or Super Stock Drivers competing that night will compete in a Late Model or Super Stock car that night, They may compete in a "Sportsman" only car.

 No on board electronic scoring/timing devices allowed while racing! NO EXCEPTIONS!


All rules are determined by the discretion of the Board and track officials, Rules may be tweaked throughout the year for the best interest of the division.